Zohi Interiors Trend Report 2018

Zohi Interiors Trend Report 2018

Posted by Jeseca Lenon on 9th Jun 2019

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest design trends? This blog post will give you the forecast for the year as well as the reason behind the themes of fashion and design so you can easily k … read more

Precious Bamileke Tables

Posted by Sharon Lenon on 17th Aug 2018

With the entire world now in our pocket and everything we need at our fingertips, its easy to get caught up thinking that everything is as easy as a McDonalds Burger to make. Much of our interiors ar … read more

Zohi Interiors Definitive Guide to Styling Cushions

Posted by Sharon Lenon on 10th Aug 2018

HOW TO CREATE CUSHION MAGIC!Your Styling Guide to the Perfect Cushion ArrangementDollar for dollar nothing gives a room more magic and style points than carefully selected and beautifully arranged dec … read more

Zohi Interiors Trend Forecast for 2017

Posted by Sharon Lenon on 20th Nov 2016

Our interiors trend prediction for 2017 is that it will be a year of greater clarity and certainty, energy and warmth. With these will come a return to humanity in various forms and more confidence co … read more

Colour Your House Happy

Posted by Debbie & Natasha on 8th Jan 2016

Psychology could help you create your prefect living space - colour psychology, that is. Colours have an effect on all people, sometimes visibly and sometimes unconsciously. People have favourite … read more



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