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Bone Inlay Cabinets & Chests

Even those who like the warmth and casual feel of the 'lived-in' look will admit that they need plenty of storage in just about every room. And if your preferred style is absolute minimalist, storage is a must.

Cabinets, chests and shelving are often the ideal places to store away the items you don't want on view all the time. Don't forget, though, they are ideal for just the opposite purpose, too. The tops of your cupboard-style cabinets, sideboards or chests of drawers can showcase your precious photographs, art objects and personal treasures. Themed items arranged on a shelf unit can be the focal point in a room. It's a way of drawing the eye to the things you want to highlight rather than hide.

Some of our most beautiful, and certainly the most exotic, chests, cabinets and shelves come from our range of bone inlay furniture. It's a collection we're proud of, and one where you're sure to find the perfect piece to complement, or even inspire, the decor you want.

Whatever your taste, we have a range of colours and styles to create the effect you're looking for.

Give some eastern mystique or east coast charm to your bedroom or living areas. Or add interest to any interior – from relaxed coastal, elegant provincial or shabby chic. With their traditional symbols, geometric patterns or floral designs, our beautiful bone inlay pieces will bring echoes of ancient times, or the latest in modern trends.

And when you've decided, there are dozens of specially selected decorative home wares and fabrics to consider as well. Find something to complement the piece you've chosen. Or create a home for your beautiful bone inlay chest or cabinet in a contrasting setting, where it's sure to surprise.

Each piece in our collection of bone inlay furniture is carefully crafted in Rajasthan, India. The bone pieces are set on fine timbers, mosaic style, with glowing resins in a choice of colours. Some pieces are finished with brass, and many feature intricately carved wooden features. The combination creates a unique effect. No two pieces are exactly the same.

The bone inlay in our product range has the full endorsement of Australian and Indian Government agencies. It is made from sustainably sourced camel bone, obtained from animals that have died naturally. That means you can enjoy these exquisite pieces without concerns about animal welfare, and with the knowledge that their natural beauty will be a part of your home for years to come.




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