Home Décor Ideas: Out Of Africa

Home Décor Ideas: Out Of Africa

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 17th Jun 2024

Africa is a vast continent of 54 nations. No surprise, then, that there are so many rich traditions we can look to, as we go in search of inspiration for interior décor.

At Zohi Interiors, those traditions are alive in our range of African products; they inspire our Tribal, Rustic and Boho collections and also have a place in modern, eclectic styles.

The colours of Africa

The palette might include gold and ochre, through to terracotta and the deepest shades of brown. These ‘earth’ colours are warm and inviting in cooler weather and also right at home on the hottest of days.

For brighter tones, choose the ‘plant’ colours – luxuriant green, with splashes of red orange and yellow – to give life to your décor.

Statement pieces

Just one point of interest can draw the eye and set the theme in a room.

Any of these pieces will do just that:

  • You’ll love our Malawi seating. In natural, white or black cane, this range is perfect for your coastal or ‘holiday all year round’ décor
  • A Bamileke table, from Cameroon, is a unique piece you’ll treasure for years
  • The sturdy Malawi Blanket Box, handmade from cane that grows around Lake Malawi, will become a family heirloom
  • And our Serengeti Daybed, made from recycled teak, is the ultimate in luxury lounging that you can even place outdoors.

Fantastic fabrics

When you think of African fabrics, you might think of animal prints. And you’d be right.

Go wild with a rug of zebra hide or kudu hide (a kudu is a large antelope). The skins are ethically sourced and don’t involve hunting or commercial breeding.

But there’s another superb textile that, quite literally, speaks of African cultures and customs.

African mud cloth

This fabric from Mali is exactly what the name says: in one of the local Mali languages, it is called bogolanfini, which means ‘cloth made with earth’. The pieces of handwoven cotton cloth are coloured with plant dyes and then painted with fermented mud and other plant extracts. It’s a process that has been used for thousands of years.

The designs reflect the culture of the various Mali peoples, symbolising the qualities they admired and the life stages they celebrated. The symbols capture the power of stories that have been passed on through the generations. The people would wear mud cloth during key events – initiations, weddings, hunts and celebrations – and their descendants make it now, in the same way, to preserve their heritage.

A mud cloth ottoman is a piece of tradition you can enjoy in your home, and it’s the ultimate conversation piece. Add a matching throw and sofa cushions and you’ll have your own ‘African corner’ to relax in.

You can use African mud cloth in many ways:

  • On cushions, pillows and throws. The cotton is soft to the touch and complements many décor choices. We also have a range of colours and styles
  • As wall art. We have ready-to-hang pieces that will set the theme in your living room or study
  • As covers for coffee tables, bedside stands, sofas or chair backs.

Other fabrics

What about a Kuba cloth cushion, from the Congo? The fabric is made from palm fibres and was traditionally dyed and fashioned into ceremonial skirts. Our various lengths of Congo cloth would also make a stunning throw or wall hanging.

Any room will be a pleasure to enter if you’re stepping on a sheep wool rug, from Karakul (sometimes known as Swakara) sheep. It’s a supremely thick and durable wool with a soft, luxurious feel.

Decorative touches

The African or ‘tribal’ feel can find its way into your home in dozens of ways:

There are just too many to mention. See the whole collection.

Africa is in the spotlight right now and there’s so much to explore. Start your expedition and see where it takes you and what you can find. Before you know it, it will be out of Africa and straight to you.




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