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Bone Inlay Trays

When you browse through the trays in Zohi Interiors’ signature collection of exotic bone inlay homewares, you'll find a range of simply stunning examples. Each piece in our range functions perfectly as a tray, but it is also a lot more. Wherever you place it, a bone inlay tray is a unique design feature  – a stand-alone work of art.

Want to cheat a little? You can do it in the most stylish of ways, and you'll be happy to admit you did.

Place a tray onto a small glass table to display your treasures – perhaps souvenirs from your travels, or some precious family mementos. It takes only one little 'cheaty' move to put the tray under the table, keeping your display but creating extra table top space when you need it.

Fill a tray with related items, such as candles, scent bottles or pretty boxes, to make a decorator statement. You won't want to overload it, though; the trays are far too pretty to hide.

You can immediately change the look and feel of a room by adding a different coloured bone inlay trays to your dressers, tables and sideboards, and coordinating them with fabrics, cushions or rugs to match the season.

The ultimate decorating trick is to use a beautiful tray to hide a surface that doesn't have quite the colour or finish you want. Just choose a tray of exactly the right size and you have instant furniture restoration. It's the kind of cheating you'll be happy to do any time. Honestly!

There's certainly no cheating involved in the way these trays are made. Each item is the work of expert artisans in Rajasthan, India, who might spend weeks on the detailed processes involved. Each exquisite tray in our range is a carefully selected handcrafted piece, made from quality timbers, inlaid with camel bone and enhanced with mother-of-pearl or layers of glowing jewel-coloured resins.

You can choose from a number of elaborate designs: Ikat patterns, which have echoes of traditional dyed and woven fabrics; Celtic-inspired styles, with their intricate repeated motifs; delicately coloured floral and leaf patterns to suit any decor; or bolder chevrons, herringbones and geometrics that create stunning optical effects and are perfect in modern and eclectic settings. You'll also find trays in a variety of sizes and shapes – round, square and rectangular – ideal for any purpose you have in mind.

And, as with all of our bone inlay products, you can be confident they have been sourced from animals that died of natural causes, and all items are aligned with sustainable and responsible work practices.




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