The Perfect Bedroom Retreat:  5 Ways To Upstyle Your Favourite Space

The Perfect Bedroom Retreat: 5 Ways To Upstyle Your Favourite Space

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 16th May 2024

You probably spend one third of your life in your bedroom. That’s reason enough to give it special treatment when you’re thinking of refreshing your interior décor.

Need another reason? It’s also the room where you should feel most at ease. It’s your personal space for rest and relaxation – and a little playtime.

Not only that… it’s the space where you only have to please yourself – and the one you might share it with – when it comes to style choices. If you love it, that’s all that matters.

If you’re looking for ways to make your ‘happy place’ your perfect personal sanctuary, then you’ve arrived.

Here are the essentials:

1. Your bed

Well, of course. You’ve chosen it for comfort, now you can dress it up in style.

The bedhead is often the feature of a room. At Zohi Interiors, we have so many stunning pieces, it would be hard to pick a favourite.

We adore the Bone Inlay Moghul Bedhead. It’s handcrafted, each individual version is unique and, best of all, it complements almost any style – coastal, exotic-luxe or boho chic.

We also love the laid back ‘isn’t life brilliant’ feel of the Vascalles Rattan Headboard, available in oak tones, black or white.

It’s your choice… and what a choice! Look at our whole range.

2. Bedside Tables

Keep your night-time essential items within reach. But do it in style. Bedside tables frame your bed and make your room look complete but they also add interest and something of your personality.

Match them with your bedhead or go for a complete contrast. We’re in love with Moroccan styles. Choose your favourites; at Zohi Interiors, there are, quite literally, hundreds to browse.

If space allows, go for a wider style and display some of your treasured possessions on a bedside console.

Consider adding a decorative tray to arrange plants, trinket boxes or your favourite framed photos.

3. Storage

Let’s be practical. A bedroom needs great storage. Whether you have a walk-in robe or a wardrobe, there’s always a way to give your favourite room some extra love with some ‘extra room’.

A built-in wardrobe suits smaller bedrooms. It’s practical and gives you options for hanging space, trouser racks, shoe storage and open shelving. Try adding themed boxes and baskets and be super-organised.

A stylish standalone wardrobe can be decorative as well as functional. If you’re looking for a unique and spectacular piece, check out the Dawson Wardrobe. It will safely house your favourite clothes but will also hide a TV or sound system.

A cabinet or chest of drawers will keep everything in its place and look great too. Imagine a bone inlay artisan piece – a treasure chest that’s a treasure in itself.

If space is at a premium or just because you’d love something different, consider a beautiful, multipurpose cabinet that fits snugly into a corner.

4. Lamps & Lighting

Light sets the mood in any room, and lamps are ideal to create your bedroom ambience without brightness or glare.

Lamps are basically your bedside tables’ partners. For elegant style, you can’t beat the Erica lamp, in antique brass.

Or have you considered a pendant light over each table? It would make a stunning statement and leave more room on your bedside table for your every-day essentials.

And you’ll never see anything like the Fonteyn Wall Sconce with its intricate fan palm design.

Look through our whole range.

5. Textural features

Add character and tactile appeal to your bedroom. Texture creates a sense of luxury and depth and makes the space more inviting, restful and even seductive.

Start with fabrics. Blankets and throws, cushions and quilts are more than simply functional. Change them to suit the season but enjoy them all year round.

Wrap yourself in a sheepskin rug or experience the ultimate cosiness of a Moroccan Two-Sided Wedding Blanket, and you have twice the sensation; it’s reversible.

Let your feet have fun in the bedroom, too. Choose a rug that pampers them or a textured pouffe or floor cushion that will give them the royal treatment.

And don’t forget wall hangings. Textured art creations are all the rage and will add warmth and richness to your inner sanctum.

Your bedroom deserves the best. We’ve hand-picked some of the very best from around the world. Give your beloved retreat a real treat and it will love you right back.




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