Style Your Interiors With Unique Bamileke Tables

Style Your Interiors With Unique Bamileke Tables

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 22nd May 2024

It’s easy to think we have everything we need at our fingertips, and that everything we want is easy to produce, to find and to buy. And easy to dispose of and replace, without too much thought.

Even some of the pieces you choose for your interior décor might be mass-produced – manufactured to enable efficiency and, of course, to minimise the cost to you. And that’s fine.... for some items.

Our customers at Zohi Interiors, though, like to complement their interior design choices with items that are special in some way, or even pieces that are unique.

Bamileke tables tick both boxes.

What are Bamileke tables?

These exquisite tables are made by craftsmen from the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon, Africa. First, the tribesmen search for the type of tree required and cut it into sections. Then they partially hollow out each piece, soften the wood for carving and create intricate patterns into the outer ring of timber. The size of the trunk determines the diameter of the table, which might be a bedside table or a magnificent coffee table.

All the work is done by hand and is time consuming and labour intensive. The whole process – from choosing a tree to shipping the final product to Australia – can take up to a year.

The work and care that go into each piece means each Bamileke table is special.

The individual touches, including any small imperfections, are the marks of the craftsmen and tend to add to the tables’ charm. No two are alike.

This ‘one of a kind’ character means each Bamileke table is unique.


Beauty and strength

You might choose a studded lattice design or eye-catching carved circles. Despite the delicate and intricate patterning, the tables are also strong and durable.

Bamileke tables will be the focal point of your room, whether you choose a tribal or rustic look, or prefer a boho-chic, contemporary or eclectic style.

For more ideas, see Break Out Of The Ordinary With Tribal Chic Decorating

In our collections, you’ll also find endless suggestion for ways to complement, or highlight your Bamileke table with decorator items, wall art or other furniture pieces.

The sizes range from bedside tables of 35 cm to magnificent coffee tables of up to 100 cm in diameter. Various heights are available, too, to suit the purpose you have in mind. And there’s sure to be one exactly right for you, as they come in natural timber tones as well as black and white.

You’ll love your Bamileke treasure for its timeless beauty and, to add to its appeal, you’ll have an investment for the future.

More than furniture

The look and feel of these tables will inspire you. You’ll certainly use them for years. But, more than that, these beautiful pieces, handcrafted from organic resources, will connect you with nature and lift your spirit.

And then there’s the satisfaction of knowing that, by adding one of these highly sought after Bamileke tables to any room, you are helping to preserve traditional Bamileke art and craft and the livelihood of the people who make these special and unique pieces.

Browse the whole range of Bamileke tables and bring a touch of genuine style and craftsmanship to your home.


Continue Your Cameroon Theme

Cameroon has a rich history of culture and art. You can continue your tribal chic styling with other beautiful items from Cameroon including: 

  • Juju Headdresses - which make wonderful wall decor adding texture and warmth. They come in neutral tones as well as brights. 
  • Masks - also make great wall decor or can be mounted on a stand to display on a sideboard or display cabinet. 
  • Ndjami Dolls - also come in lots of colours and sizes. Symbols of fertility and intricately part of the Cameroon culture, in our contemporary settings they are ideal styling pieces. 
  • Mounted Kudu and Springbok skulls are sourced from animals that pass from natural causes. Their horns can also be used to make lamp bases and wall decor. 


There really is no limit to incorporating Africa into a modern Australian home. Reach out for assistance if you're looking for that extra special piece. 




*Minimum spend $150. Excludes sales & discounted items.