Interior Colour Trends 2023: 50 Shades Of Red?

Interior Colour Trends 2023: 50 Shades Of Red?

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 26th Feb 2023

Red is a trending colour in interior décor right now. It’s a colour to add energy, warmth and personality to any space. It can also create a bold and dramatic statement that is sure to have an impact.

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We're seeing red right now

A particularly bold red – Viva Magenta – is Pantone’s Colour of the Year. No one wants to be a slave to the latest trend, though, and so, as with all colour ‘must-haves’, the secret of style success is to take inspiration from what’s on offer, think it through for your home, and then create your own interior style.

To help you do that, here are some strong, and some subtle, ways you can experiment with red in your interior décor.

Red is a state of mind

The psychological power of colour is well known. Red is about energy and strong emotions, such as love and passion. No surprise, then, that red tones are popular choices as accent colours in bedrooms and living rooms. Red is a colour to be handled with care, though. It can also have less attractive connotations: too much red will be overwhelming – even aggressive.


Red by any other name…

Although most people associate red with a bright and bold primary colour, there are many other shades to consider. From deep, rich burgundy to a soft delicate rosy blush, there is a shade of red to suit any taste and style. The tones you choose for your décor will definitely make a difference. Bright clear shades of red give a room more energy and life; for a cosy atmosphere, darker shades create warmth and intimacy.

Always consider how the other colours in a room will work with the shade of red you choose. Softer, blushing reds or dusky tones pair well with paler neutrals, such as grey and beige, to create a refined and romantic atmosphere.

Stronger jewel tones are a popular choice in interior decor. Deep ruby red, carnelian and garnet will look best with other rich jewel colours, such as emerald green, amethyst and sapphire blue; the effect will be luxurious and sophisticated.

Using jewel tones in your décor can also add texture and depth. Consider incorporating red in textured fabrics, such as velvet, wool or silk, or in ceramic, glass or stone. Metallic elements are their perfect partners.

Make a big bold statement

If you’re feeling particularly bold, consider using red as a major colour in your décor. A bright red sofa, for example, is dynamic and eye-catching and a look that is sure to impress. Always consider, though, how you might feel about a dramatic statement piece in years to come. A timeless bone inlay item, for example, is an investment in quality craftsmanship you’ll never regret.

An extremely affordable option is to choose red for accent features such as rugs and curtains. Or add a few bold red accessories; they’ll add a burst of colour and personality to an otherwise neutral room without dominating the space. Better still, they can be moved around easily or replaced far more economically.

You could also use red in a feature wall, door or room divide, or give centre stage to a striking red décor piece. Imagine a red-hot chilli vase or a stunning red floral display to draw every eye. A bold and colourful painting or sculpture with red accents will add instant appeal to a room without overwhelming it.


Red Dancing Orchids

Or add a subtle hint

Although red is often bold and dramatic, it can also be used in more subtle and understated ways. Just a hint of red in your décor can add warmth and interest.

Use red in cushions, pillows and throws. A few red accents can create a cohesive and stylish look without compromising the other colours in the room.

A single impressive piece, such as a traditional, handmade Zulu hat, displayed on a stand, is a subtle touch and a perfect conversation starter.

‘Reddy’, steady, go

If you're ready to incorporate red into your décor, be sure to start with a plan. First, consider the overall style and look you want, and ask yourself how much and what shade of red will help you achieve it. Then think about our suggestions.

In the end, the most important element of your plan is you. Create something that is bold, beautiful and uniquely yours. No fashion trend will replace the distinctive, individual stamp you put on your home. It’s your space, your life, your choice. 




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