Celebrate Your Mum In (Her) Style

Celebrate Your Mum In (Her) Style

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 9th May 2024

When is a good time to celebrate mums? Answer: any time. That’s true. And when it’s her birthday, an anniversary or even her kids’ birthdays (after all, she did the hard work) there’s even more reason.

Not only that, there’s also Mothers’ Day – when we all put Mum first.

Among the special things we do for our mums, a beautiful gift is always appreciated. Zohi Interiors has put together a whole lot of suggestions to help you pick the perfect present for the perfect mum.

Every mum is unique, of course, but it might help to think about your mum’s individual style, when choosing the type of gift your mum will appreciate.

What’s your mum’s special ‘thing’?

Perfectly practical?

Whether she works at home or has outside employment, your mum puts in the hours. Give her a gift that she can enjoy when she puts her feet up.

One of our favourite ranges is Tamegroute pottery – traditional artisan pieces made by Moroccan potters, and named for a town on the edge of the Sahara. Your mum will treasure one of these beautiful items – perhaps a candleholder or vase, or perhaps her own personal coffee mug and plate.

Your mum might be green-fingered and garden-loving.

We have a beautiful selection of stylish plant pots and garden accessories and, to bring the outside in, nature-themed art works.

If she loves to present her home in the best possible way, there are dozens of decorator items and homewares for any room in the house.

Fabulously fashionable?

Elegant gifts for an elegant lady... we have beautiful designer pieces, artworks and artifacts to suit your mum’s individual taste.

Any mum would love a Matisse-inspired, gold-trimmed lidded jar – perfect for storing jewellery or other treasures.

For something unique and meaningful, you might like to choose a silver-tone Mother and Child Relief, presented in a timber frame. Or perhaps our stunningly beautiful Eternity Sculpture; it’s an exquisitely designed piece and a perfect statement of your everlasting love for your mum.

Endlessly entertaining?

If your mum enjoys entertaining, there’s plenty of scope for the perfect gift.

The Ascot Ice Bucket, for example, is not only an indispensable party partner; it is a fashion statement that says, ‘This is the ultimate’.

And Zohi Interiors has dozens of other ideas for the home bar.

What about a gift-boxed porcelain cheese board, with knives, on a bamboo base? There are four styles to choose from.

Still thinking? Why not browse our selection of stylish gifts for mums who love to entertain?

Avidly adventurous?

Travel might be on her radar, or part of her recent (and not so recent) happy memories. A reminder of places she loves or dreams of visiting is a perfect gift.

What better setting for her favourite photo than a stunning picture frame. It’s hard to find a more evocative way to capture a moment than in a brass-trimmed horn inlay frame.

She can store, and show off, her travel mementos in a sparkling glass and brass display box.

And our collection of wall art will definitely have something to appeal to her wanderlust or sense of adventure.


Every mum deserves to be pampered with a touch of luxury.

Select an elegant tray that will match her personal style (or her favourite décor) and load it up with specially chosen luxury items – chocolates, eau de parfum, a spa-voucher, scented candles or diffusers....

Perhaps you could present her with a classically beautiful marble bowl, filled with a selection of delicately perfumed soaps.

For total luxury, what about a soft and cuddly cushion, throw or wrap to make her favourite reading spot even cosier?

The possibilities are endless.

Browse our whole range of gift suggestions for more ideas.

Or let her choose

Your mum might be someone who would love to find her 




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