Ten Years And Counting...

Ten Years And Counting...

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 23rd Dec 2023

Zohi Interiors celebrates a 10-year anniversary in January 2024. It’s a milestone to celebrate and a good opportunity to have owner, Sharon Lenon, share some of her thoughts as she looks back on a decade of bringing beautiful, inspirational furniture, homewares and art objects into Australian homes.

10 years of customer service

Zohi Interiors had its beginnings in 2013, when Debbie and Natasha Voudouris set up a store on an industrial estate in Sydney’s south as a 'proof of concept' project. The official launch was In January 2014 when the business was taken online, and in 2016 they added the services of a third-party logistics/warehousing company making it a truly internet based retailer.

In 2016, Sharon became the new owner of the business.

‘Back then we had fewer than 1,000 products’ she says. ‘Now we have more than 6,000. The business is growing all the time, thanks to our lovely customers and the beautiful pieces we are able to source’.

Zohi now has signature collections of favourite styles.

‘We have lots of fabulous Moroccan, African and Indian artisan wares and we complement them with quality, value-for-money local and imported products that suit our aesthetic’, says Sharon.

Mediterranean, Coastal, Boho-Chic and Rustic styles are also prominent in the collection and popular with those who want to put an individual stamp on their décor choices.

‘We have particular expertise in bone and mother of pearl inlay and many of the handmade pieces are ‘one of a kind’. We can offer customers unique products to match their taste and style, which puts us among the best in the business here in Australia’.

10 years of cultural connections

The cultural connections start with the business’ name. ‘Zohi’ is a form of the Greek word zoe, which means ‘life’ – the everlasting, inner and spiritual life. Sharon thinks it’s a great choice.

‘We love the synergy with Greece, through our Greek name. Our countries are so connected – the coastal palette, the sun and sea, and the vibes we choose for our interior décor. And we love the way beautiful products can inspire people and really bring their homes to life’.

In 10 years, Zohi has made connections with diverse cultures, companies and artisans – in Australia as well as overseas.The focus has always been on handmade products, crafted by individuals using traditional skills and local, natural and sustainable materials.

‘That way’, says Sharon, ‘we support people in local employment and cut out the ‘middle men’. In 2019, we created a foundation that serves grassroots communities – people who are providing for their families and preserving their communities’ traditional crafts.

‘We all benefit when people have work and dignity, and when resources are used responsibly. And, of course, we have beautiful products that will give us pleasure for years’.

10 ‘tenth anniversary’ pieces

Traditionally, a tenth anniversary is marked by a gift of white metal, usually aluminium or tin.

‘Over the years, Zohi Interiors has stocked and sold thousands of beautiful products’, says Sharon. ‘Just for fun though, here are ten stunning items that suggest the tenth anniversary white metal’:

1.The Tree of Life: What better symbol to vitalise your home? This elegantly crafted decorator piece will add a glow to any room.

2.Ethiopian Cross: This authentic artisan piece says ‘carefully handcrafted’ every time it catches the eye. And giving heirloom pieces another life is a highly sustainable choice.

.Embossed Metal Chest: This stunning piece has delicate patterning pressed into the metal surface and will match any décor. Any bone inlay piece can be made with this finish including custom designs.


4.Rochester Mirrored Bedside Table: Perfect as a bedside table or side table, this elegant piece has the luxe-looking combination of mirror and silver metal.

5.Cayman Island Palm Chandelier in Pewter: Luxury and a sense of lushness; that’s what this stunning tropical chandelier will bring to your home.


6.Zeta Tray: When you serve your guests from this stunning mirrored tray, the only problem might be they don’t notice anything but the tray.

7.Safi Box with Silver Embellishment: A beautiful trinket box that could store your jewellery or be a charming decorator item - something you’ll want to give as a gift. But make sure you also buy some for yourself.

8.Wine Cooler: Yes, but what a wine cooler! It’s both elegant and quirky. Your guests will definitely want to know where you found it.

9.Serene Nesting Tables: You’ll love this delicate design – at coffee time, cocktail time, any time. It has contemporary style that will be happy in any décor.

10.White Brass Palma Wine Bucket: For your anniversary, perhaps? It’s classically designed and sophisticated and will become a family heirloom for sure, with memories of many celebrations over the years.

Happy Anniversary to Zohi Interiors and congratulations on 10 wonderful years.

Here’s to the next decade!




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