Set Your Style With The Perfect Rug!

Set Your Style With The Perfect Rug!

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 21st Nov 2023

Every living space loves a rug. It’s your must-have item for every area. The rugs you choose highlight and complement your style choices and set the mood and atmosphere in your home. With the right placement, the perfect rug also creates different zones in a room.

The perfect rug for every season

When you select a rug, first consider the overall look and feel you want for the room. Are you aiming to add cosy warmth in winter or cool things down in the summer months? Changing the rug, like changing the colour accents, will change the season in any room.

Rich colours, traditional patterns and style will add comfort and elegance and a ‘layer’ of warmth and comfort when the weather is chilly outside. Imagine the luxury of a handcrafted Wool Oushak Carpet, especially when its colours are matched with soft fluffy cushions or throws.

And in a room that’s made for long summer days, lighter rugs made from natural fibres – jute or cotton – let you know the living is easy, especially when the message is echoed in cane and rattan furniture.

And when you choose Kashmiri or Moroccan rugs, you quite literally have a rug for every season.

The perfect rug for every mood

Do you want to feel energised or relaxed? Romantic or focused? Whether you’re at work, rest or play, your room helps create the mood. And the rug is a big part of that.

Want a fun and lively look?
Get some Bohemian style, with contrasting colours and textures and bold patterns. If you like, let your imagination go wild. Think bold patterns, colours and textures: that’s what Boho is all about. Make the rug the focal point by keeping other pieces understated, or go for the Boho-chic eclectic style, where just about anything goes.

For a more calm and relaxed mood, head for the coast
Even better, bring it right into your living room. Understated simplicity is the effect you want, with natural fibres, such as sisal, jute, coir, seagrass and cotton. Keep rug tones mostly neutral, but add sky, sea and sunshine colours in your accessories. The Hamptons look might be just what you’re looking for.

Feeling that cool efficiency and urban chic is the mood of the moment?
Think city loft style minimalism – perfect for your office or work-at-home nook. A simple furniture layout is enhanced by a quirky or unexpected rug choice. You might be at work, but you can add your individual touch with a bold cow hide rug over timber floor boards or polished concrete.

How about a touch of romance?
Romance feeds on glamour and luxury. Go for rugs with a soft, thick pile for a heavenly underfoot experience. Think about a New Zealand pure wool rug, for example, with a rich textural finish. Complete the picture with chandeliers, mirrors and scented candles and a couple of inviting Mongolian sheepskin cushions.... The setting is romantic, elegant and refined. All it needs now is the two of you.



The perfect rug for every space

You should consider size and placement when you select a rug.
Draw a plan of the room and look at your planned furniture layout. A larger rug, with most of the furniture standing on it, will make the room appear larger. Leave a border of floorboards or carpet around it.

If the rug is ‘floating’, make sure it’s in proportion to the other pieces of furniture in the room. A small rug in a large, empty space looks meagre and ‘lost’.

Define a seating area by having the front part of your sofa sitting on the rug.

When placing a rug under a dining table, make sure it’s wide enough to allow dining chairs to be pulled out for seating. Allow at least 60-70cm on each side of the table. It might also be wise to consider stain proofing your dining room rugs.

Think about shapes.A rectangular rug works best to frame a large sofa, or wherever there’s seating on at least two sides of the rug. It’s also a good shape for placing at the foot of a bed or in front of a dressing table.

A round or oval rug works well in a smaller living space, beside a bed, or in an entrance hall. In a longer hallway, the ‘runner’ style is ideal.

Don’t forget the outdoors

Outdoor spaces love rugs, too. Zohi Interiors has a huge range of outdoor rugs that are both stylish and durable; many are in synthetic and recycled fabrics for even longer wear. Let your style choices flow to the outside and be confident that your choice of rug will withstand weather, pets and outdoor foot traffic.


What’s the perfect rug? There are no right or wrong answers. You are unique and your home should reflect what you love and how you love to live.

Be bold, have fun. Suit your style and match your mood. And choose the perfect rug (or three or four) for you.

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