The Finishing Touches: 5 Ways To Complete Your Home Décor

The Finishing Touches: 5 Ways To Complete Your Home Décor

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 26th Sep 2023

It’s the icing on the cake; it’s the cherry on top... you get the idea. Often, the difference between stylish and ‘Wow!’ is the attention you give to the smaller details. By adding the finishing touches to your carefully thought-out home décor, you will bring a special ‘something’ to a room and make it individually yours.

Zohi Interiors’ customers know that and they especially love our range of unique decorative items that can transform a room – or even a corner of a room – into something out of the ordinary.

Here are 5 ideas for adding the perfect finishing touches to your interior design.

1.Show off your trinkets and treasures

Gather and group them. Arrange multiple trinket boxes in a cluster on a shelf or side table for an organized yet artistic display. For even more effect, give colour a voice. Let your collection quietly complement the theme or colour scheme of the room or, alternatively, let it shout out a contrast. Either way, exotic pieces, such as our handmade ceramic and metallic Moroccan Safi Boxes make a unique statement.

Highlight your favourite things. Trinket boxes are perfect decorative elements all by themselves but have the added bonus of providing storage for ... trinkets. Showcase an ever-changing example from your vintage jewellery collection, for example. An elegant glass box will put your treasures on display while keeping them safe.

Personalise them. Your trinket boxes can put your individual stamp on a room by reflecting your particular interests. What about an unmistakeable nature motif – such as birds, bees or floral designs?

Get serious. Do all of the above on a larger scale. A glass cabinet will be the ultimate finishing touch, with great potential for a rotating display at whatever intervals you like.

2.Go for a little coffee table styling

Start with the table. Styling won’t help a table that’s past help. Begin with a piece you love. You can’t go past a unique, individually crafted bone inlay creation. A Lalita Inlay Coffee Table or a stunning Arabesque Waterfall design will ask for nothing but an elegant vase or table lamp for company and, hey presto, finishing touches done!

Just one perfect item. Sometimes one is enough. An exquisite statuette or a striking Matisse Ceramic Jar says, ‘Look at me and only me’. And you will.

Trays by design. Place a decorative tray on your coffee table to hold small displays of scented candles, pots or vases. Varying the height of the objects adds extra interest.

Books and magazines on display. Stack up or fan out your stylish mags or coffee table books. They don’t have to be ‘look but don’t touch’ but they should be decorative. Choose those with beautiful covers, for example, that match your decor style. They are conversation starters, too. Hint: keep them well dusted and with no dog-eared corners.

Plants are a natural. Small plants or succulents in attractive pots will always work. Choose what works with the season or with your décor (spiky cacti might not go well with ‘English garden’ chintz).

3.Think thematic

  • When there’s some logic to your choice of items, it often has a sensory and emotional effect too. Imagine a selection of Moroccan treasures or tribal inspired artifacts from your holiday (or travel dream). Indulge your love of fine china by displaying pieces from your collection of vintage teacups or figurines. Hint: place them out of the range of elbows and rampaging pets.
  • When your theme’s sorted, choose the display setting it deserves. Our range of cane and rattan cabinets and sideboards, with the ‘topping’ of your choice will be the highlight of the room.

4.Make some display choices

You’ll need to ask yourself some questions.

  • What is the focal point? The eye can’t cope with being drawn in too many directions. You might want to spotlight a piece of wall art, a themed group of decorative objects on a console or a standing sculptural piece
  • How many is too many? Select and arrange your items. Experiment. Hints: less can be more in some displays; odd numbers often work better than even
  • How does lighting affect my display? Take into account natural and artificial lighting. Play with the effects to see how best to position your decorative accessories. Hint: the placement of mirrors can make a big difference
  • Is it forever? Easy answer: no.Change the focus.Rotating your décor items – according to the season, the length of time they’ve been there or just because you want a change – means you have different ‘finishing touches’ and a new look as often as you like.

5.Now it just needs you

The most important ingredient is you. All accessories and finishing touches should reflect your personal style and feel real and comfortable. Copying a magazine display – however stylish – will never be as successful as décor choices that reveal the real you.

Try out a few ideas, use your imagination and, most of all, have fun adding the finishing touches to your home decor.

Happy styling!




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