How To Style Your Living Room – From The Sofa Up

How To Style Your Living Room – From The Sofa Up

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 21st Aug 2023

Your living room is quite possibly the most important room in your home. It’s where all the essential family stuff happens. You entertain guests, share meals, watch films and just plain relax. It’s a well-loved and probably well used space. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have style.

And if your living room is a more formal area, there’s even more reason to choose an elegant décor and enhance it with your own personal touches.

However your living room is used, the focal point is probably the sofa. How is yours looking right now? Is it earning its star status in your room? Maybe it’s time to retire it to the family room or playroom and give your living area a new look and a ‘look at me’ sofa.

Sofa, so good

What should you look for when choosing new sofas?

  • Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Think about cushion firmness, seat size and back support. Obviously your choice will depend on the number of people using it and whether its for conversation or ‘couch-potato’ activity
  • Get the right size. The sofa shouldn’t dominate the space and force people to squeeze themselves around it. Neither should it be so small that it cowers timidly in a spacious room. You might need two!
  • Colour and texture. Consider your lifestyle and the room's colour scheme. Neutral-coloured sofas are versatile and can easily adapt to changing decor. If you want a bold statement piece, opt for a sofa in a vibrant colour or pattern. Make sure to select durable and easy-to-clean upholstery if you have pets or children
  • Quality. Invest in a high-quality sofa that will last for years. Look for a sturdy frame made of hardwood, metal or a combination of both. Check the construction and stitching to be confident it will withstand regular use
  • Style. Obviously it should complement your overall décor. Zohi Interiors’ range includes contemporary and traditional, coastal or boho and more exotic styles to match a tribal, eastern or Moroccan décor.

Sofa celebrities

We love all our sofas. Here’s just a brief glimpse at our range, to show you why.

The Malawi range is perfectly at home in any setting. You can mix and match to create a carefree coastal look or a relaxed and informal living-dining area. All pieces are hand crafted in Malawi from local bamboo and water reeds.

The Malawi love seat for two is ideal for a sunny alcove. The range also includes a 3-seater, tub chairs, trimmed with leather and matching side tables. There’s a choice of colour finishes, too.

For a warm welcome, you’ll love to come home to the Newport Linen Sofa. It has a timeless design, with deep, lush upholstery. And if you want ultimate relaxation and ‘cuddle-up time’, the Newport Linen Chaise Sofa is for you. The Newport Sofa Bed is a versatile piece that your overnight visitors will love. Warning: they might not want to leave.

Accentuate and accessorise!

Your new sofa will need some company to help it look its best. And even if your current sofa is pulling its weight, for now, a stylish upgrade is easy to achieve.

Dress it up with cushions and chic companions

You can imagine how a sofa will perk up with a fabulous new throw and eye-catching cushions. Fur, feathers or fabulous florals? Spots or stripes (including zebra)? Prints or patterns? There’s a cushion for all seasons and all sofas. A throw – for warmth and comfort or for a colourful mood changer – will transform the room and focus attention on your sofa centrepiece.

And your sofa will be king of the living room with a Sultan's Star Side Table in silver nickel finish by its side.

Don’t neglect the walls

The walls of your living room are like a backdrop, or frame, to highlight the beautiful furniture and decorative items you’ve chosen. Our range of wall art has been selected to help your walls do just that.

Depending on your purpose, wall art can:

  • Complement and extend your design choices. Does it match and flow with other pieces or add a surprising contrast in the room? As well as having a clear function, the Malawi Round Mirror does both. Or continue a theme – for example, with a tribal-inspired piece
  • Reflect your personality. Hang your own art, photographs or memorabilia, showcased in beautiful frames. Or recreate a memory when you look at an artist’s impression of a favourite landscape
  • Draw the eye. You might want to showcase your art treasure or the piece of furniture you’ve placed beneath it. A piece of Henri art, for example, says, ‘I won’t be ignored’
  • Simply exist because it’s beautiful. No explanation needed. If you love it, that’s enough.

Your hardworking living room is the heart of the home. From the sofa up, it deserves the best.




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