How To Decorate With Beautiful Rugs: It’s Art For The Floor

How To Decorate With Beautiful Rugs: It’s Art For The Floor

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 19th Jul 2023

When you make decisions about home décor, you’re usually thinking both functional and fantastic. Of course you’ll try to make practical choices but, naturally, you also want the ‘wow’.

Decorating with rugs is like that.

You’ll choose floor rugs for their shape, function and durability. You might change them to match the seasons, or your family’s various needs. You’ll select them according to the room or the amount of foot traffic. Do they absorb sound? Are they good for outdoors? There are a hundred questions to ask.

But you also want them to reflect your style. Sometimes, you’ll choose a rug for its sheer beauty, its superb craftsmanship or the story it tells of culture and heritage. Sometimes, it’s harder to say why; it’s a rug you just have to have.

A rug is the art beneath your feet. Choose the right one and a space is transformed.

At Zohi Interiors, we love rugs.

Our collection has all your needs in mind, whether for form, function or fabulousness. We also cater for a range of budgets.

A taste for the traditional?

If you want ageless quality, a unique Moroccan rug or carpet will be the perfect choice. Our Beni Ourain, Beni Mrirt and Azilal rugs – new or vintage – are traditionally hand-made by local artisans in various regions in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.


Our Kashmiri rugs and runners bring you the colour, the art and the craft excellence of India.

For total luxury underfoot, what about a handcrafted African wool rug? Or, for the tribal vibe, a skin or hide rug will set the scene.

Whichever you choose, these timeless designs will complement any style.

More modern, perhaps?

Some rooms might just need a more contemporary feel.

Imagine stepping from your bath onto a fluffy cotton scallop shaped mat or, for a little fun, welcoming your guests with a ‘lucky elephant’ design mat. Just two examples from our wide range of modern floor treatments.

For your kitchen or bathroom you might be looking for non-slip rugs. We have a range that provides safety as well as style.

You might want a blaze of colour as a feature, or more subtle tones to complement a room designed for quiet and rest. Will bold stripes or geometrics define your space or will nature’s patterns create the atmosphere you want? Whichever way you choose to go there’s a modern rug to take you there.

Suppliers we love

At Zohi Interiors, we love handcrafted objects, made by skilled artisans and craftspeople from around the world, using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. We choose to carry products from companies that share our values – those who combine aesthetics with ethics and respect Fair Trade practices.

Armadillo & Co is one of those companies. We are proud to sell their whole range; you can browse through a selection online.

Don’t miss their Designer Collection – for smaller areas. Beside your bed, in your hallway or in the bathroom, these quality handcrafted rugs will look fabulous. Real art for the floor!

The stunning Ghan Rug features a soumak weave with a Berber knot. Its textured diamond pattern will add interest to any space. The Petra Rug has a 30 mm pile – pure indulgence for your bedroom. Both are made from 100% New Zealand wool and have a soft luxurious feel underfoot.

A selection of rugs made from raw jute fibre, in natural tones, are made by skilled artisans in India. They are ideal for the relaxed style of the boho, or coastal-inspired look.


Another supplier we are happy to work with is Carmine & Teal. Their beautiful rugs will add a touch of style to any décor. Browse the Kashmiri range. The bright and cheerful floral designs of the Daisy Rug Runner and the Ruby Rug bring a glow of colour to add life to a monochrome setting. Perfect for the minimalist room. These rugs are made from sheep’s wool and hand-embroidered by Indian artisans.


Art for the floor it might be. But, after all, you make the rules. Don’t let your feet have it all their way all of the time. You might want to put your rug art on the wall, for instant impact. Now there’s a thought.




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