Decorating with ‘Peach Fuzz’: Fuss Free

Decorating with ‘Peach Fuzz’: Fuss Free

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 1st Feb 2024

The use of colour has always been a personal choice. It can set a mood, complement other tones and textures and create a unifying theme in your décor – whether for one room or for your entire home.

You know already that Zohi Interiors is about individuality. Our carefully chosen furniture and decorator pieces are for those who want to put their own personal stamp on the design of their living spaces.

Each year, designers, experts and influencers make predictions about what will be ‘big’ or ‘new’ or ‘in vogue’. In the end, though, you are the best authority on what will make your home your own.

Pantone's ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2024 is a soft, pinkish-orange hue called ‘Peach Fuzz’. It’s subtle, soft and sensual and, like other recommendations, it’s worth a look, just to see whether it might be a colour that would enhance your interior décor choices.

Here are some useful tips on how you might incorporate this versatile colour into your home.

A perfect complement for bone inlay pieces

The soft glow of bone, or mother of pearl, inlay in unique, finely crafted furniture invites both subtle and powerful colour combinations.

The craftsmanship of bone inlay pieces will be yours to enjoy for years. A change of colour companions can give it new life each season. The subtlety of peach tones, for example, seems to be an ideal partner for the sophisticated elegance of bone inlay.

Better still, bone inlay always makes a statement, no matter the style you prefer.


Boho cool

For ‘Boho Chic’ style, an accent or feature wall in ‘Peach Fuzz’ will set off your bone inlay bedhead or side tables. You can complete the boho look with textured accessories – woven throws, macrame wall hangings, cushions or pillows – with hints of soft peach and cream.

Our stunning, contemporary patterned 9-door bone inlay chest is a statement in peach all on its own.

In true boho style, you could balance the softness of pinky-peach with richer jewel tones. Turquoise, emerald or amber would work perfectly to add depth and bohemian flair.

Rustic Charm

If the rustic look is more your style, peach tones are also for you. They blend beautifully with natural materials like wood, stone and cane to create the cosy-warm and earthy atmosphere you’re looking for.

Natural fabrics work in the same way. Oatmeal, beige, cream and soft winter white are obvious pairings with honey-peach shades.

Or what about an inviting floral bedcover in dusky pink. Just peachy!

Bone inlay accessories – bowls and trinket boxes or tabletop trays – add the charm and home comfort that the rustic style conveys best. Add a touch of soft peach in flower bud arrangements or a grouping of scented candles.

Coastal Cool

For a relaxed, ‘home at the beach’ feel, seek out the colours of sand, sea and sky. Then add white for ultimate coolness.

Start with shades of aqua and teal. Just imagine the timeless luxury and ‘every day’s a holiday’ feeling created by a bone inlay 4-drawer chest, in teal and white. Some pieces even have a new ‘scallop shell’ detail to extend the theme.

Cane and rattan furniture also creates a relaxed coastal environment.

Then, underfoot, a Peach Jute Rug, hand woven by Indian craftsmen. Textural layers of linen or cotton cushions, open weave throws, and billowy gauze window treatments will complete the picture.

Bring in potted plants or botanical art prints, to add freshness and vitality to your coastal décor and, finally, add seashells or seashore-inspired accessories to enhance the theme.

Are you already feeling the sea breezes?

Bonus Hints

  • In terms of lighting, warm white or soft peach tints create an ambiance that’s more gentle than blue-white light
  • Metal accents, such as gold, brass or bronze add glamour and sophistication and pair well with peachy tones
  • Balance is key: any colour should be used sparingly, as a highlight, so it isn’t overwhelming.

Remember, these are just starting points. Have fun with different colours, textures and patterns and create a unique and personal effect that reflects your individual style.

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