6 Ways To Reflect Your Style With Mirrors

6 Ways To Reflect Your Style With Mirrors

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 10th May 2022

Mirror, mirror on the wall; it’s the easiest décor trick of all

It’s also great fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than adding the finishing touches to a well-designed room, or changing the look completely, with the magic of mirrors.

Here are 6 style tips for using mirrors in your home:

1.Make the mirror a focal point

A mirror is, above all, eye-catching. Make a statement in every room. A mirror enlarges and brightens an entrance hall, especially when hung above a table set with a flower arrangement or an attractive bowl. In the dining room, it creates the illusion of space and beautifully frames your dinner table – and your guests.

Above the mantelpiece, a large mirror is the perfect way to draw the eye and complement your choice of furnishings. Check its positioning. Placed too high it will reflect too much ceiling. Choose a level that will allow those of less than average height to be able to see themselves in it.

2.Reflect your best features

Just as the eyes can be the windows to the soul, mirrors can reflect the soul of your home – depending, of course, on how thoughtfully you arrange them. Before you make a final decision, place the mirror in a few positions you’re considering, and look carefully at the effect created when you look into it. Take several vantage points: directly in front of the mirror; from the entrance to the room; and from strategic, seated positions to the right and left of the mirror.

What do you see? You’ll find the most stylish effect is achieved when the reflected image is perfectly ‘framed’ by the mirror. It might be an attractive entrance or a view to the garden. Perhaps the focus is a console or decorative shelving, or a piece of art or sculpture on an opposite or adjacent wall. You will probably want to avoid a reflection of the TV screen, or activities in the kitchen or utility room.

And in the bedroom, you should ask whether you really want to see your early morning self looking back at you as soon as you wake.

3.A frame for every setting

As well as its reflective abilities, a mirror is a design choice, based on its shape and its frame. Whatever your décor style – traditional or contemporary – in our collection you’ll find a mirror that will, quite literally, ‘reflect’ your taste.

Looking for something a little different? Try exotic Moroccan, or our stunning range of rattan and bone inlay mirrors.

4.Stretch your limits

The purpose of mirrors is to reflect – both light and space. A well-positioned mirror can throw light into a darker section of a room, changing its mood. Mirrors also create the illusion of more space. A short hallway with a mirror at its far end appears to be twice as long. So does a long, narrow hallway, so beware. To make a passageway appear wider, it’s better to have a mirror somewhere along its length, preferably where it can also reflect more light into the space.

5.One is beautiful, two are perfect

Twin mirrors. Twice the effect. Add symmetry and style by hanging separate mirrors in a twin basin bathroom, behind ‘his and hers’ armchairs in a cosy corner, or above the double bedhead.

Matching mirrors on opposite walls are beautiful and functional in your dressing room when you want a 360-degree view of your outfit. Just be sure they aren’t directly opposite, as in, mirror-reflecting-mirror-reflecting-mirror.... forever. Hanging them on adjacent walls, not too close to the corner of the room, also works well.

6.The art of mirrors

You should choose a mirror as carefully as you choose a work of art because, in many cases, that’s exactly what it is. Zohi Interiors has selected mirrors precisely for their artistic value. You’ll find intricately carved frames that could just as easily enhance a masterpiece in oils, and tradition European designs that recall another era. You might prefer beautiful iron frames in geometric designs that suggest a Mondrian influence or would be at home in an Art-Deco living room. Are bohemian designs and retro vibes for you? Or do the modern, more free-form styles, including interpretations of tribal art and modern rustic, work for your home?

Make some mirror magic happen! Here’s looking at you...



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