Rustic Interiors

If you are a down to earth person with a leaning toward natural elements and a casual and organic feel, then a rustic interiors style may be for you. This popular style seeks to mimic a rural or countryside look. It comprises outdoor and weathered elements with untreated materials and autumn, earthy tones. Unfinished wood and leather, neutral hues in fabrics such as cotton, linens and wools, hides and horns and other animal products and themes are what you would expect in this interiors style.To create a rustic but modern look of your own, keep in mind the palette, materials used in the key furniture pieces and a functional and naturalist approach to styling and you will have yourself a place that has a timeless sense of homeliness and nurturing.

Rustic decor emphasises a colour palette of all kinds of browns and ecrus. Some pastels or black and grey can be incorporated or accents of brighter autumn colours of mustard or greens but the mainstay is the palette of the wilderness, forest or bush. The palette should also be quite narrow and simple – this is an uncomplicated look without pretense or much embellishment. Walls painted in earth tones like copper, rust or other warm shades of brown work well with rustic furniture. It is possible to use wall papers or art works that literally bring the outdoors inside with photographic treatments or images of landscapes.




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