Zohi Interiors Trend Report 2018

Zohi Interiors Trend Report 2018

Posted by Jeseca Lenon on 9th Jun 2019

Each calendar year feels a little different. Some years there are big events that seem to move the year along at break neck speed – a Wedding or Birth, Graduations, The Big Trip, New Jobs, Starting a Business. Other years are less eventful and may seem to be more of a grind. These ebbs and flows happen at an individual level as well as group levels and a global level too. The constantly changing economic climate, social memes, culture and thinking of our times have a subtle yet huge influence on how we lean towards some products and lean away from others.

Increasing technology and automation in our lives causes us to yearn for natural elements and ever increasing business and complexity makes us want ‘slow’ and ‘simplicity’. We get bored with too much of one thing and then counter-balance to another thing.

2017 has been a challenging year in many parts of the world especially in the areas of women’s rights and politics. There are worries about the abuse of power and authority, the plight of marginalised groups in society, gender equality, the ethics of science and technology and health and wellbeing of both individuals and the planet. It’s no coincidence that the fashion styles and colours for 2018 and beyond will reflect these deep currents of concerns and desires.

Femininity and whimsy will counter-balance these serious issues, earthy and  natural tones and textures will bring us back to nature and hope. Unique artisan skills and handmade crafts will foil mass production and consumerism. Fun and intense colours and patterns will also be a pleasant departure from the sometimes austere schemes of recent years.

What this means for interiors includes moving away from white on white schemes and minimalism. The use of rose gold and copper metals will now morph into  brass but metallic accents do continue. Wallpaper is back with a vengeance – stripes, florals, embossed, motifs of any kind can be used to create a variety of moods.  Eclectic is the go! You will certainly not be limited by fashion going forward. The fashion is to skirt fashion!

Pragmatic utility and personal meaning combine so that you can make storage a feature and use mementos and souvenirs as decorator items. No style needs be pure – and most can be put together as a layered look that can add warmth and depth to any interior scheme. Soft lines with  geometrics is now absolutely on trend. The Danish concept of Hygge and the Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi definitely play into our current psyche – “warmth and comfort” and “beauty in imperfection”. Weathering and patina are coveted now. And  Vintage brings a sense of nostalgia, a throwback to a simpler life of a bygone era.

A relaxed aesthetic is a welcome vibe and right up the Aussie alley! 2018 is a great year to be playing with interiors – you really will have quite a lot of licence to be expressive and creative!

Along with the design trends there are specific colour trends that reflect our life and times. Every colour is also a variation on a theme – getting back to nature, embracing the feminine, honouring humanity and rejection of harsh structures. So let’s now talk about colours specifically … CLICK HERE FOR FULL TREND REPORT



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