Why Is Bone Inlay Furniture So Popular?

Why Is Bone Inlay Furniture So Popular?

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 13th Dec 2021

We all love to decorate our homes with unique furniture, but sometimes it can be hard to find something that is both beautiful and functional. Bone inlay furniture is the perfect solution for those who want something unique and stylish for their home. With so many options for bone inlay furniture available, you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

Why is bone inlay furniture so popular? To learn more, please read on.

What is bone inlay furniture?

Bone inlay is a process in which animal bones and other materials, such as ivory, are used to create finely detailed patterns on wooden surfaces. The process for making bone inlay furniture begins with craftsmen carving out small spaces in blocks of mahogany, oak, walnut, and other suitable timbers.

The next step is to fill these gaps with thin slivers (or ‘inlays’) made up primarily of animal bones or even animal teeth, which give the item the finishing touch. Today, bone inlay furniture is recognised as an elegant and luxurious addition to any home.

Why is bone inlay furniture popular?

Bone inlay homeware and furniture is becoming more and more popular because it's a stylish choice. You can choose beautifully patterned bone inlay designs that will give any room in your house a touch of modern or classic style – especially with a mix of colours from wood stain or varnish.

There are other reasons, too, for its rise in popularity: its history, durability, longevity, variety and high quality.

What is the history behind bone inlay furniture?

Bone inlay designs were first used by early human beings who would use small elements, such as shells, stone fragments, or claws to decorate themselves after hunting game animals. Over time, people began to design more elaborate items out of these decorative objects which eventually led to bone inlays being incorporated into wooden surfaces.

Bone, in particular, is used for its durability, hardness, flexibility, and glossiness and because it can be polished into different colours. It can be cut into thin strips and glued onto wooden surfaces. Protective treatments, such as lacquer or varnish, can also be applied to prevent scratches or damage.

Because bone inlay has been around for thousands of years, and due its rich history, it has become a popular feature in contemporary furniture.

Is bone inlay furniture durable and long-lasting?

Bone inlay furniture is made from a combination of different materials and techniques and offers a combination of strength and aesthetic appeal without being too cumbersome or difficult to move around.

On the surface, bone inlay furniture is fragile and delicate; however, when carved from durable hardwoods with a deep lacquer finish applied to it for protection, your bone inlay furniture will last for a long time.

Bone inlay furniture remains strong and long lasting due to its resistance to moisture absorption. Unlike most furniture that is made entirely out of wood, bone inlay furniture isn’t prone to rotting or warping. The surface is also known to resist wear-and-tear and other damage, such as scratches or dents, caused by careless handling.

It is worth noting, though, that you should take proper care of your bone inlay furniture, by cleaning and waxing it on a regular basis, using recommended products. That way you will keep your bone-inlay piece looking its best for years to come.

What types of designs are available?

Bone inlay furniture is often crafted with intricate designs. Some common themes are: flat-patterned swirls; geometric shapes, such as squares or triangles; twisted patterns; or even diamond-shaped pieces applied on top or between diagonal lines with no design at all.

One of the most popular styles in bone inlay furniture has to be geometric designs. It is characterised by patterned lines running through a thick, solid background tone, often black or brown. The patterns are usually dotted with triangular shapes that serve as borders around circular motifs, such as flowers and leaves.

Bone inlays are a sign of real craftsmanship and dedication to artistry. There are various styles of bone inlay furniture that you can find, all of which depend on the creator and the vision they have for the furniture. The intricate designs can take hours, days or even weeks for the artist to create. There is no way, however, to measure their uniqueness. Every piece offers you a distinctive feature that no other pieces will have.

Is bone inlay furniture high quality?

Bone inlays are among the oldest woodworking techniques available and date back to 5,000 years ago. Fortunately for us, high-quality bone inlay furniture is still being made today, by highly skilled craftsmen who work with exotic woods like rosewood or ebony. You can also find materials such as ivory, silver, metal or even pearl incorporated into bone inlay furniture.

Final thoughts

Bone inlay furniture is popular for many reasons. It's full of history, it has a natural organic beauty that can't be replicated using other materials and it represents the hard work of skilled craftsmen who have created something out a simple natural resource. For these reasons and more, bone inlay furniture will always have an interesting story to tell about its roots and where it came from.

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