What’s Happening In the Bedroom?

What’s Happening In the Bedroom?

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 25th Jun 2022

You probably spend a third of your life in your bedroom. And some might argue, it’s the best third...

Doesn’t it make sense that it should be a place that’s designed for you – your comfort, your privacy and your pleasure?

Is it sounding like it’s all about you? Well, yes... because it is.

Concentrate on your comfort

The look right now is unstructured. Move away from strictness and symmetry and enjoy the perfectly imperfect, the off-centre, the not quite matching. No, it’s not an excuse to be maniacally messy. It’s an eclectic style with a look of casual carefulness.

Make it a ‘me’ magnet

Your bedroom should be filled with what you love most. You should feel irresistibly drawn to it. Your personal treasures might be displayed on a table top tray, a stunning mirror reflects all the best things you’ve gathered around you. You should want to be there.

Go for a little luxury

Surround yourself with whatever makes you feel pampered and special. It’s difficult to imagine anything more luxurious than a unique piece from our range of exotic bone inlay bedroom furniture. Or choose a signature lamp or pendant light to set the mood.

Shearling Sheepskin Cushion  Carved Mandala Bedhead  Vascalles Rattan Bedhead

Protect your privacy

The rest of your home reflects your busy life. And that’s great. If you’ve been working from home more in the last few years, and you don’t have dedicated office space, you’re already accustomed to transforming corners of other rooms to accommodate devices and screens. Guard your personal space. Don’t let work worm its way into your bedroom.

Create calm

While life churns around you, your bedroom is your haven of rest. Step through the doorway and you’re in the eye of the storm. Relax. This is, after all, your private and special retreat. You might add your own reading nook, or a window seat that overlooks the garden.

And when your bed beckons, you won’t be able to say no when it’s piled with cosy throws or, the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, sheepskin cushions or blankets.

Add your personal touch

Frame your treasured photos. Place an evocative sculpture. Choose wall art that recalls happy memories and favourite scenes. Go a step further and experiment with the whole wall. You’ve never seen anything like our range of moveable wallpaper.

Forest Wallpaper    Wallpaper      Custom Wallpaper  Custom Wallpaper  Alice Moveable Wallpaper


Follow the pleasure principles

   You can’t always avoid the difficult, the dangerous or the downright daggy things in life. Every day isn’t going to be a stroll in the park. What you can do, though, is create a place where all that can be left behind. Once in your bedroom, you can close the door on it and say, ’No’. The pleasure principle says, ‘If I don’t love it, it’s out’.

Clear the clutter

Clutter is what you get when things are where you’d prefer them not to be or when you’re surrounded by unwanted or unsightly bits and pieces. Get back to basics. This doesn’t have to mean minimalism; it’s just about keeping what you need and having what you love.

Think about how your storage solutions will help you do this. Don’t make it about ‘hide and forget’. Store only what you will use, and what you will swap in or out – maybe to create a different mood, or to match the season. As for the rest.... you know what you have to do.

Surround yourself with beauty

The pleasure principle also says, ‘If it doesn’t add joy or beauty to my life, perhaps it should go’. This is particularly true in your bedroom. Is what you have in your special place beautiful to use, to see or to touch? Would you give it as a gift – to yourself, or someone you love?

Do something right now to make sure that, for you, your bedroom is the place to be this season. Don’t leave it to chance, and don’t leave it too long.

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