What Type Of Furniture Can Be Made With Bone Inlay?

What Type Of Furniture Can Be Made With Bone Inlay?

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 1st Oct 2021

Bone inlay is an artform that has been around for centuries. It involves the skilful use of precious materials to create furniture pieces full of rich history and stunning beauty. The process starts with a hand-cut design in wood or bone, then it's carefully cut out by the craftsman using saws, chisels, knives, and files.

A variety of materials are used such as copper, silver, brass or gold to fill the spaces left behind by removing these cuttings. The result is some wonderfully detailed furniture items that can be found all over the world today!

What type of furniture can be made with bone inlay? To learn more about this, please continue reading our article below!

What Is Bone Inlay Furniture?

Bone inlay furniture is a style of woodworking that uses animal bones. It involves gluing pieces of animal bone boiled into a gelatin-like mixture to the surface of wooden furniture. The result is intricate patterns on ornate pieces, with designs ranging from flowers and leaves to geometric shapes and designs.

Bones are becoming a more popular material for furniture decoration because they're natural, strong, and sustainable. They have become more prevalent as people turn away from modern synthetic materials that may be harmful to human health. Additionally, bones are chosen for their natural shape and colour gradation which add to the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

The History Of Bone Inlay Furniture

The history behind bone inlay is ancient, originating from a time when humans first started carving patterns onto stones thousands of years ago! Rather than being just an art form like paintings are today, however, artists back then often included these elaborate carvings together with other embellishments such as intricate jewellery work too. This technique is known to be full of symbolic expressions that held meaning within cultures at the time (such as showing power).

The bone inlay technique during ancient times was also an easy way for craftspeople without expensive materials or skill sets to access high-quality artwork tailored specifically to their needs. Artists could easily source these materials locally which made bone inlay furniture much more accessible.

Today, the bone inlay technique has evolved into something more coveted than ever before.

What Types Of Furniture That Can Be Made With Bone Inlay?

The bone inlay technique has been used to create jewellery and other craft objects with intricate designs. You can even have knife handles made in the bone inlay style! However, more often than not you will find bone inlay is the most popular amongst furniture pieces.

Nowadays, bone inlaid tables are one of the more popular types of bone inlay furniture. These are tables that have bones, such as animal tusks, inserted into them to make the table strong enough for various purposes. However, these tables could also just simply have animal bone pieces glued onto them. They can be used as a vanity desk or dining room furniture, depending on what they will provide you utilitywise.

Bone inlay can also be applied to chairs, desks, cabinets, shelves, and even chests of drawers by carving them from wood and filling them in with ivory. This would be done to fit appropriately within the intended design motifs. This furniture could then be stained colours such as black so it looks like an elegant typeface at work.

Rustic utensils like spoons or forks as well as decorative pieces such as animal figurines can also be made out of animal bone. Truly the versatility of bone inlay applications is endless!

Why You Should Consider Getting Bone Inlay Furniture

Some say that bone inlay furniture is just a thing of the past; however, this is quite the opposite. Bone inlays are beautiful and have a natural personality you can't find with modern materials like plastic veneer or particleboard. Moreover, the natural colour variation seen throughout this material will add character to any room that shows off your unique sense of style!

The wood used with bone inlay furniture is hard, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, making it a durable option for furniture. Bone also does not typically require paint or a finish to protect the appearance from wear and tear over time which can save you money on materials.

Additionally, besides being a cool piece for collectors, bone inlaid items can also be used as decorative accents or even artful additions to your home décor design. Bone inlay furniture is definitely a worthy addition to any household!

Other Facts To Know About Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlay furniture is an exceptionally unique style of crafting that incorporates the delicate and rich textures of animal bones with hardwood to create some truly one-of-a-kind pieces. However, this does not mean that there is no maintenance required with bone inlay furniture! Like any other furniture, you will need to regularly clean and maintain your bone inlay furniture if you would like it to last for many years to come.

To keep your furniture piece looking its best, you can do a few simple things. For example, use coasters or placements to prevent stains from drinks and other liquids that might damage the wood of the tabletop by seeping into cracks in it over time.

You also need to make sure that you don’t place anything heavy on the surface without first putting down some sort of cloth cover for protection. This will help avoid scratches and dents while also preventing dirt build-up!


Bone inlay is a beautiful craft that can be used to create furniture using wood. The process of creating bone inlays has been around for centuries and it's still popular today because the results are so amazing!



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