The Art of Interior Design

The Art of Interior Design

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 18th Oct 2021

Art never fails to make its presence felt. It announces your individual style and reinforces your personal tastes, but it also speaks out for itself.

A big canvas, a bold splash of colour or a distinctive subject will command attention and make an immediate statement. A collection of related works catches the eye, arouses curiosity and invites questions.

The art you choose can also define a space. A large piece can dominate but also open up a room and extend its boundaries. More subtle pieces, or a group of works, strategically placed, draw attention to one area of the room and might be part of a theme, working with other décor choices.

The perfectly chosen piece of art might complement the overall design of a room. Whether it extends a particular ‘look’, or just enhances a colour palette, an art work, and how it is placed, can bring unity to your interior design. An apparently discordant piece, on the other hand, can be the surprise element that intrudes into the room’s décor to challenge or defy conventional design ‘rules’.


A special designer print, or original work, could be a deliberate focal point and you might decorate your room to allow it to take centre stage.

You’ll love the work of internationally successful Australian artist and designer Wendy Wooden, who is based close to Sydney's northern beaches. Inspired by nature, she has recreated the Australian outdoors and various tropical scenes that recall her travels. Her subjects suggest a relaxed, almost dreamy, atmosphere and her style shows the influences of several modern art movements. You can browse our selection of her fine art prints. They work particularly well in rooms designed with a coastal feel.

Also sharply focused on nature, the Signature Naturale collection comes from our exclusive art suppliers, The Designer Boys. Their extensive catalogue includes art prints with a huge range of themes and motifs, textile works that feature patterns of shells, buttons and twine and a range of beautiful mirrors, all of which are a perfect match for any modern décor. Browse some of their work. Ask us for access to this exclusion online catalogue.

Possibly more than any other décor element does, art creates, or recreates, atmosphere. Like windows on the world, your favourite artworks open your eyes, and your imagination, to the places you remember or those you dream about visiting.

For stunning African photographic art, see our collection from David Ballam or the beautiful tribal-inspired pieces by Biljana Jurukovski. Choose a Moroccan art print, or an intricately carved wall panel, for an exotic addition to any room. From wherever you are, look out over the Amalfi Coast or beyond the sea wall of an Italian fishing village, or wherever your mood takes you.

You will adore our range of bone inlay mirrors. They are artistic masterpieces all by themselves and will always provide the perfect frame for the unmistakable style you have created in the room. Art reflecting art!

You don’t have to spend a fortune, of course. Inexpensive art prints can transform any space. And when you want another makeover, you can replace them without breaking the budget. We have a huge range – an A to Z of wall art – from atmospheric and abstract designs to zebra prints and Zohi Interiors’ selection of lifestyle posters.

Art is life: the way it is and the way you would like it to be. Put some new life into your home.



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