Stay Close and Dream Far, the Colours of Now

Stay Close and Dream Far, the Colours of Now

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 5th May 2021

Who will remember 2020?

OK, we all will, but let's agree we'll remember it with mixed feelings. Now it's behind us, and it's time to look forward. The northern hemisphere has emerged from a lockdown winter, and the signs of spring are everywhere. In more southern lands, there's cooler weather and plenty of optimism, now that the end of restrictions is in sight.

The mood for 2021-22 is also about mixed feelings. We're balancing our need for the safety and security of home against the desire to stretch our wings and fly off for wider adventures.

The colour trends match this feeling of being in two minds. For the first time, Pantone announced two Colours of the Year and, together, they capture this dual mood perfectly.

Ultimate Gray is a dependable and consistent base. Far from being dull or negative it's a clear and reassuringly steady base, wide open to be matched with new colour possibilities.

Illuminating is doing what it says. It's a clear bright yellow – think daffodils and lemons – and it's lighting up our minds, and our rooms, with optimism and positive energy.


Their potential for mixing and matching with other colours is unlimited. And unlimited potential is what we are all looking forward to in the coming year.

Had enough of rules and restrictions? There is only one rule in the seasons ahead: enjoy colour!

It's become a boring cliché to talk about the 'new normal', so we won't.... But if we did we'd say it's about trying to create happiness, and a few surprises, wherever we happen to be.

And basically, we've been at home. It's been the focus of everything in the last year or so. It's been work, rest and play... every day.

For some of us, happiness at home will be about recreating memories of past times. 'Retro' is reinterpreted to mean any time we want to 'go back' to, and that could be decades ago, or just a few years. If it brings joy, it's in!

The surprises come with the 'no rules' rule. Retro is also reimagined and reinvented when you add your own individual touches to give the familiar look a contemporary feel. Perhaps you'll display family treasures, travel souvenirs, lucky finds... or perhaps you'll let your imagination off the leash and try unusual combinations of furnishings, fabrics and accessories.

And colours.

Be creative with nature's own colours: Green Bee hums about living plants, tropical foliage and fresh leafy vegetables. There are close connections with olive, sage and deeper forest tones. Cross-seasonal shades of pumpkin, mango and pawpaw merge easily with warm tangerine or juicier orange, lemon and watermelon. For a softer feel, Tomato Cream seems to go with everything.

The urge to travel and explore new settings is giving many of us itchy feet. Putting our feet up and dreaming of where we'll go can be enough for now as we create the holiday feel at home. Ibiza Blue and Clear Sky are the blues to 'beat the blues'. Where do you want to go?

Dreaming of a place in the sun? Your cane or rattan sofas, with magnificent Moroccan silk cushions tell you you're there. Your indoor palms in metallic-trimmed pots invite you to while away a long lazy day....

Somewhere more exotic? Nothing better than colour inspiration to spark your creativity as you plan to make your dreams come alive. Play with colour. It'll be fun.

Pantone's new selection of fashion colours hints at the big trends ahead. And there's plenty to play with. See the whole range of predicted colours and textures in our ZOHI INTERIORS NTERIORS TREND REPORT 2021-2022.

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