Cactus Silk Cushions and Moroccan Moments

Cactus Silk Cushions and Moroccan Moments

Posted by Zohi Interiors on 1st Mar 2021

Do you want to live, or perhaps relive, a Moroccan fantasy? Think sand and sun, gleaming white walls and wide blue skies, mosaic tiles and elegant spires.

Are you longing to wander through the crowded souk - the Moroccan market place – and enjoy the vibrant colours, sights and scents of the bazaar?

Have you always wanted to see the coasts of Casablanca? Or explore the heart of the ancient medinas? Your Moroccan influenced decor will transport you there.

Lie back on your bed or sofa and feel the silky softness as you rest on your silk cushions and patterned pillows and imagine those balmy Marrakech nights....

A story unfolds as you dream.

Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushions

It's a story of an agave plant that produces a fibre that has both strength and beauty. It's about a process that yields a thread that can be dyed with the gentle hues of nature and woven into fabric.

And it's a story of a fabric – soft as silk, and sometime called 'cactus silk' – a fabric that whispers luxury, comfort and elegance.

Your dream is even more tranquil because you can reassure yourself that no creatures – not even the tiny silkworms – have been harmed in the production of cactus silk cushions, a beautiful plant-based alternative to traditional silk cushions.

It's your Moroccan escape.The dream fades, but you are still there. The textures, colours and shapes of Morocco are yours to keep. Capturing your memories better than a photo can. Or keeping alive your plan to visit as

 soon as you can.

Don't wait. Create the Moroccan vibe right now in your own home – as a unifying theme for every room in your house, or in your bedroom, your sunroom or your own special hideaway.

Consider an intricately patterned filigree bedhead, table or stool. Each carefully crafted piece is unique.

Serve your morning coffee on a finely decorated side table, inlaid with mother of pearl and lacquered to a soft glowing finish. You'll feel you have to try a Moroccan coffee, with its warm fragrant spicy aroma. Dozens of different spices go into the ras el hanout blend; choose your favourites. You'll believe you're in a Fez café.

What about an evocatively shaped mirror? The artfully designed combination of angles and curves reflects the traditional shapes of the Marrakech skyline, and will make astrong statement in any room.

Now, complement the look with your choice from a range of decorative pieces – stunning Moroccan-inspired items, such as bowls, ginger jars, or wall hangings.


Or, for the ultimate in romance, put the finishing touch to your bedroom with a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket. An important part of Berber culture, these blankets are usually woven from natural wool by the bride or her mother, and worn, like a cape on the wedding day.

In your home, it can be used as a comforter, a throw, or even a wall hanging. The neutral colours will complement any decor, and the textured finish will add warmth and luxury to your room.

Choose any signature piece that captures a mood, and brings your dream to life.

It's easy to create the feeling, and surround yourself with beautiful items that will weave some magic Moroccan moments into your life.




*Minimum spend $150. Excludes sales & discounted items.