Break The Boundaries With Tribal Chic

Break The Boundaries With Tribal Chic

30th Apr 2022

Tribal chic is a hot look right now, and ideal for cooler months ahead. With a little imagination, and some of our carefully selected products, you can break out of the ordinary and bring a touch of the wild and the exotic to any room as you add unmistakable style and luxury.

Tribal chic is about nature.

Introducing a tribal theme into your décor is the perfect way to connect with nature. And you can be confident that our plant and animal-inspired products have all been sustainably sourced. Give your floors the tribal treatment with skin or hide rugs and match them with leather or fur cushions. Continue the theme with prints, wall ornaments and light fixtures. A range of decorative standing animals or book ends will help you create your own African ambience.

Tribal chic is about the colours of Africa

Tribal chic starts with the natural colours you’ll find in the African wilderness. From such a vast continent comes a deep and wide-ranging set of options. Think orange and gold through to sandy beige and muted tan, then add shades of dusty greens and ocean blues. For contrast and dramatic appeal, you can bring the palette alive with the vibrant colours of traditional fabrics and animal prints, and accessories in colours and patterns that suggest Africa’s teeming wildlife. The modern interpretation of tribal chic lets your imagination run wild. Create a colour surprise in a style where the unexpected can appear anywhere.

Tribal chic is about culture and symbolism.

The richness of many African cultures is available for you to appreciate.

From our range of products from Malawi, choose a rattan chair or a triple-seater sofa, and match it with a bamboo side table; one design also serves as a magazine rack. If you place a Tonga or ‘Batonga’ stool in a room, you have an instant conversation starter. And your guests will wonder where you found your ‘Crackles’ lampshade, made of sustainable cotton and hand painted by Zambian craftsmen to resemble elephant skin.



Your Bambara stool from Maliis a history lesson carved in a single block of wood. It tells the story of the Bambara people and is a significant ritual item, used by tribal leaders to show their power and authority. Its carvings represent the heavens and the earth, and often feature elephants – symbols of strength and wisdom. Hang an intriguing vintage Marka mask, originally designed to protect the family and repel evil spirits, or feature cushions in traditional mud cloth, richly coloured and decorated with animal motifs.

You’ll be transported to Cameroon with a stunning Bamileke table. Each one is unique – crafted from a single segment of a tree, then hollowed out and carved into intricate lace-like designs. From the same region we have a range of shields, decorative dolls and jewellery, with delicate designs made with beads and shells and destined to be the focal point of your wall or table display.

You can’t leave Africa without invoking the magic of Morocco. Make one of our exquisite Tamegroute pottery products the centrepiece of your table. Or feature a mirror or print in a traditionally carved arch shaped frame.

Tribal chic is about all that, and more...

There is no limit to the treasures that can be yours. Where will you place your Ashanti Fertility Doll from Ghana? Or your Porcupine Quill Lampshade? Don’t stop there. Move your focus out of Africa and include the flavours of other tribal influences. A Semarang teak table from Indonesia, ebony La Chamba Dipping Bowls from South America, bone inlay from India or a piece in the Amara range, from Vietnam.

Break out now. Go explore. Discover your tribal style. And bring your favourite bits of the world right into your living areas.



*Minimum spend $150. Excludes sales & discounted items.